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"Visions & Creatures of Imagination" European Tour

May 18, 2019

Doomocracy "Visions & Creatures of Imagination" European Tour 2019

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Solstice, High Spirits, Doomocracy, Arkham Witch Zuul and more - Glasgow 5/5/18

April 14, 2018

We are more than happy to announce the 1st ever Doomocracy Scottish concert

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Doomocracy live in Edinburgh!

April 13, 2018

We are happy to announce Doomocracy's first concert in Edinburgh on the 4th of May!

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Morgana Lefay - Sacred Steel - Doomocracy Live in Thessaloniki

March 27, 2018

A dream comes true for Doomocracy as we open for one of our favorite bands Morgana Lefay from Sweden!

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Doomocracy to play at Crete's Doom Festival "Echoes From The Labyrinth"

March 23, 2018

Doomocracy is thrilled to share the stage with doom metal legends Sorcerer, one of the best Doom Metal bands of all time!

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Angelos Tzanis Guitar

Angelos Tzanis has been involved in rock/metal bands since his first contact with "good music" as he likes to call it. He has taken part in various projects, from his thrash metal early days, classic rock and through the whole spectre of hard music leading to the path of doom which has always been a key point in his agenda. He believes music should be taken to the stage.

Michael Stavrakakis Vocals

Michael Stavrakakis has been the lead singer for numerous rock, funk and heavy metal bands in Greece, and has participated in various recordings and numerous live performances, for more than a decade. He has been trained in Classical and Byzantine music. He was the lead singer of the rock/metal band Master Reset from 2007-2011, with whom he recorded the album "Nutshell Republic".

Harris Dokos Guitar

Although Harry Dokos has been playing music for quite some time this is the first band in which he started to present his own music. With a musical background deeply rooted in 80's metal, his influences are clearly evident in his work.

Manolis Schizakis Bass

Manolis' primarily reason for his involvement with music has always been to compose.

He picked up the bass in his early teens and since then the only time he let it was to take vocal duties for the death metal band "Elanor".

He is member of the rock cover band "Devils and Angels" with frequent live performances in the local area.

Minas Vasilakis Drums

Minas Vasilakis has been playing the drums for two decades now participating in numerous bands nearly for every kind of music but mostly in metal and rock. Full length albums, live performances, TV shows, tours and bonus tracks for 666Packs, Marauder, ESELON, etc. He has studied at the Philharmonic Orchestra of Heraklion Greece and at the Modern Music School Athens.

Band's Biography

Doomocracy is a doom metal band from Heraklion, Greece.

The band was created by Minas Vasilakis on drums, Angelos Tzanis on guitar and Michael Stavrakakis on vocals. The three of them have been good friends and band mates for almost a lifetime.

They started rehearsing together during the summer of 2011 to pay tribute to the doom metal scene and bands like Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Memento Mori and Solitude Aeturnus. After a few months they were joined by good friends and musicians, Manolis Sx on bass and Harry Dokos on guitar.

Having completed the band’s line up and full of energy and inspiration, they rehearsed intensively to compose doom metal music from the heart.

The ideas were floating and the first 4 songs were composed in less than 3 months. The band continued rehearsing while searching for a band name. They decided to call themselves Doomocracy.

By the end of 2012 Doomocracy had completed composing the tracks for their new album "The End is Written" and started pre-production. At the same time they started looking for suitable places to record and mix their album.

The band entered "Mad Hat Music" studio in Heraklion Greece on July 2013 and finished recording on September 2013. Nikos Vogiatzakis was the sound engineer and his help and advice was a great asset to the final result.

After many conversations with European studios and sound engineers, Doomocracy came to the decision to work with Daniel Bergstrand at "Dug Out Productions" in Uppsala Sweden, for the mixing of "The End is Written". The mixing process was complete on the 15th of October 2013, giving Doomocracy that raw, powerful and heavy sound they were looking for. Tailor Maid music production and Peter In De Betou was Doomocracy's 1st choice for the Mastering of "The End is Written". Peter did a fantastic job, giving Doomocracy's debut album, a production worthy of the effort and passion the band has given to produce this album.

On the 21st of July 2014, Doomocracy signed a record deal, with the renowned Greek heavy metal label Steel Gallery Records. The release date of "The End is Written" was the 29th of September 2014.

After a successful collaboration for their debut album “The End Is Written”, Doomocracy once again partnered up with Steel Gallery/Arkeyn Steel, for the release of their second album “Visions and Creatures of Imagination”.

“Visions and Creatures of Imagination” features former Memento Mori keyboardist and classical composer, Miguel Robaina on four songs.

The drums were recorded in Devasoundz Studios in Athens Greece, with Fotis Benardo. All other instruments were recorded in Mad hat Music studio in Heraklion, Crete, Greece with the valuable help of Nikos Vogiatzakis.

Doomocracy, collaborated with Jim Morris and “Morrisound Recording” (Iced Earth, Death, Crimson Glory), in Tampa Florida USA, for the Mix and Mastering of “Visions and Creatures of Imagination”. The release date was the 13th of March 2017.

Doomocracy has shared the stage with many metal bands: Saint Vitus, Avatarium, Orange Goblin, Trouble, Kadavar, Soulfly, Gus G, Bonfire, DAD, Mayfair, Blaspheme, Lethal, Virgin Steele, Warrel Dane, Sabaton, Heir Apparent, Crimson Dawn, Memory Garden and many more...
and performed in various metal festival around Europe such as: Hammer of Doom, Malta Doom Metal, Up The Hammers, Chania Rock festival, Doom Over Scania and more.

Doom on!




Toggle Visions & Creatures Of Imagination Details
Release Date: March 2017
Label: Steel Gallery Records

Recorded at Mad Hat Music Studios

Drums Recorded at Devasoundz Studios

Mixed and Mastered at Morrisound Recording by Jim Morris

  1. Ghosts of the Past
  2. Lucid Plains of Ra
  3. My Bane
  4. One with Pain
  5. Guardian Within
  6. Visions & Creatures of Imagination
  7. Trinity of Fates
  8. A Taste of Absinthe
Press Release

Doomocracy is thrilled to announce the completion of the recording of their new album entitled: "Visions & Creatures Of Imagination"!

After a successful collaboration for their debut album "The End Is Written", Doomocracy will once again partner up with "Steel Gallery Records", for the release of "Visions & Creatures Of Imagination", in March 2017.

The new album is a mature step forward for Doomocracy, featuring eight original compositions of pure Epic Doom greatness.

"Visions & Creatures Of Imagination" will feature former "Memento Mori" keyboardist and classical composer, Miguel Robaina on four songs.

All the recordings for the album have been completed. The drums were recorded in "Devasoundz Studios" in Athens Greece, with Fotis Benardo. All other instruments were recorded at "Mad Hat Music Studio" in Heraklion, Crete with the valuable help of Nikos Vogiatzakis. Keyboards were recorded by Miguel Robaina in Tyreso, Sweden.

Doomocracy, will collaborate with Jim Morris and "Morrisound Recording" (Iced Earth, Death, Crimson Glory), at Tampa Florida, USA, for the Mix and Mastering of "Visions & Creatures Of Imagination".

The cover artwork has been designed by Sonnet Jean-Philippe at "Threadbare Artwork".

Toggle The End is Written Details
Release Date: September 2014
Label: Steel Gallery Records

Engineered by Nikos Vogiatzakis

Mixed by Daniel Bergstrand

Mastered by Peter In De Betou

  1. Sadness & Hesitation
  2. Faceless
  3. Doormacht (Der Apokalyptische Untergang)
  4. The Celephais Curse
  5. The End is Written
  6. Emissary of Vengeance
  7. Hanging Puppet
  8. Sins
Press Release

DOOMOCRACY from Heraklion city (island of Crete, Greece), deliver Doom Metal at its best. Amazing riffing, fantastic lead guitar parts, pounding rhythm section and one of the most brilliant voices you can hear around.

Eight original compositions representing the band's pure talent and magnificent songwriting. Fans of Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Memento Mori and Veni Domine, should not miss this one.

Produced by: Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir and Evergrey).

Mastered by: Peter In De Betou (Morgana Lefay, Memento Mori, Entombed).

Artwork by: Piotr Szafraniec.