Malta Doom Metal Festival 2015

25 August 2015

We are really excited to be confirmed for this year's Malta Doom Festival on 23,24 of October

Thanks to everyone at MDM for making this possible!

Here is the official announcement:

Without further delay...we bring you more good tidings for this year's MDM....we can now confirm that Greece's new epic doom titans - DOOMOCRACY are booked for this year's edition this October. Their debut album "The End is Written" (released on the mythical Steel Galley Records) and awesome shows at Hammer of Doom among others, have hit the doom metal scene by storm...and it is indeed an honour to host them here. For lovers of pure epic doom a la Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Memento Mori and Forsaken.

MDM 2015 Line Up:

Alunah (UK) Stoner Doom
Cromlech (Canada) Epic Doom
Dawn of Anguish (Malta) Doom Metal
Doomed (Germany) Doom Death
Doomocracy (Greece) Epic Doom Metal)
King Heavy (Chile) Heavy Epic Doom
Marche Funebre (Belgium) Death Doom
Mother of Six (Wales) Stoner/alt Rock
Nomad Son (Malta) Heavy Doom Metal
Stonegriff (Sweden) Doom Metal
Tysondog (UK) NWOBHM/Speed Metal
Void Moon (Sweden) Epic Doom Metal
VENOM.Inc (UK) NWOBHM/Black/Thrash Metal

More details about the festival and tickets:

The Malta Doom Metal Festival 2015, Facebook Event The Malta Doom Metal Festival 2015, Facebook Page Malta Doom Metal Festival Official Site

Malta Doom Metal Festival 2015