A Perfect review at DEAF FOREVER magazine!

December 12, 2022

A perfect review at German DEAF FOREVER magazine! 9,5/10

A fantastic review at German DEAF FOREVER magazine issue #51 by Mr Michael Kohsiek ! (9,5/10)

"The style description Progressive-Epic-Doom fits like a glove, because the Doomer style established on the two predecessors was put to the test, then turned inside out and enriched with a lot of elements that you don't necessarily get from the Greeks would have expected. The band is always recognizable as DOOMOCRACY, because every new aspect of the sound has been integrated so skilfully that they still cross the finish line 100 percent as a traditional (Doom) Metal band."

"...you won't find anything better in Epic Doom in Europe at the moment."

You can also find a two page interview of our singer Michael Stavrakakis. 


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