A Perfect Review At Mundo Metal Brazil

April 18, 2023

10/10 A flawless review by Brazilian Mundo Metal!

Here is the excellent review we received from Brazilian Mundo Metal webzine who gave "Unorthodox" a 10/10 grade!

We love our Brazilian fans and we look forward to playing in Brazil!

"The third full length of Doomocracy ends with the song “Catharsis”, which in Portuguese can mean “Purification” . I really feel purified after knowing and tasting a genuine work of art like this. I still haven't heard the first two albums of these talented Greeks, so I can't say if the current release is their Magnum Opus , however, if any of their albums is superior to this one, we have here some of the biggest names in Doom Metal of the new generation, forged in the pure Metal of Mount Olympus."

Read more here: https://www.mundometalbr.com/resenha-doomocracy-unorthodox-2022/