Fans reaction to Unorthodox

December 02, 2022

Our fan Thanasis Tzelas shares his opinion about "Unorthodox".

We are overwhelmed by the excellent reviews we have received for " Unorthodox" by critics and magazines. But we really appreciate when fans open up and express their opinion about our music. 

Our fan Thanasis Tzelas shares his thoughts about "Unorthodox".

"I have the new album here almost two weeks in my possession. I first wanted some time to pass before I wrote something on the surface.

I am neither a critic nor a presenter or a writer. However, I am a fan of a good musical approach. A simple fan who has been longing for good inspirational music for 40 years.

Feeling blessed. I feel awe and elation.

I think that the people who can express themselves through their musical quality feel more blessed.

I have listened many times to the new album of our "own children" Doomocracy. I felt "Unorthodox" awaken in me the longing to dive into its subject matter. I felt my skin rise again and finally catch myself applauding the effort of these musicians.

Because "Unorthodox" is a gift to all music fans without exception. The label of epic doom metal is not important at all when we have an art record. An addictive disk. A planetary record. One of the best that has been released from Greece. Destined to be here forever.

DOOMOCRACY made history alongside Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Sorcerer and Memory Garden. Sincere congratulations."