Great review at Italian Loud and Proud!

December 08, 2022

Italian Loud and Proud webzine has a great review of Unorthodox. (8,5/10)

Loud and Proud Italy has a beautiful review for Doomocracy 's Unorthodox album! (8,5/10)

"Doomocracy, a doom band that has reached the coveted goal of its third studio album with this 'Unorthodox'. And what an album! A work where all the valuable elements of the genre emerge unwinding note after note and riff after riff, between dreamy sulphurous atmospheres and vocal lines exuding epicness. Austere ecclesiastical choirs guide us through the memory of those "days forgotten and people lost" always supporting actors in the history of humanity, exalted instead in an album that can only excite every lover of the most proud and classical doom metal."

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