"Visions & Creatures of Imagination" European Tour

September 27, 2022

Doomocracy "Visions & Creatures of Imagination" European Tour 2019

Doomocracy has put together a mini tour in central Europe, with three headliner shows followed by two shows in Greece,

The first show will be in Marburg Germany on the 5th of June with Italian Doomsters Crimson Dawn. This will be our return to the beautiful city of Marburg after our participation at the first Riddle of Steel Festival back in 2017.

The second show will be in Salzburg Austria at Seeds of Doom Festival II, where Doomocracy will headline the second day of the festival (June 8th) sharing the stage with great Doom Metal bands like Epitaph, Crimson Dawn, In Aevum Agere and Wheel.

The third show will be in Milan Italy on the 9th of June again with Italian Doomsters Crimson Dawn. This will be our first visit to Milan and Italy and we are really excited to play in front of our Italian fans for the first time, co Headlining with our friends from Crimson Dawn.

Also on September 27th Doomocracy we will play in Thessaloniki Greece supporting the great Eric Clayton (ex singer of Saviour Machine) and his new band Eric Clayton & the Nine. We are really excited about this show as we are big fans of Saviour Machine!

One day later on September 28th Doomocracy we will participate at the first 'Demons Gate" festival in Athens Greece next to amazing bands like, Sorcerer, Saturnus and Eric Clayton & the Nine.
This will be the first Doom Metal festival held in Athens and it will give us the chance to share the stage again with our good friends from Sorcerer, a great and historic band like Saturnus and once more with the great Eric Clayton.

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